Freightliner M2 2009

Year: 2009
Model: M2
Engine: ISC
Transmission: Allison AUtomatic
Equipment: Vaccum Truck Combo Unit
Model: B-10/1500
Serial: 28101119
Make Aquatech

Unit in Process to Be Refurbished

-New Paint on all the Unit,
-All tires will be removed for new ones.
-Service on Engine and Transmission
-Hopper Hydraulic Cylinder will be disassembled and repacked
-Rear Hopper Door Hydraulic Cylinders will be disassembled and repacked
-All Hydraulics Hoses will be removed and replaced with New Ones.
-Alternator and Starter will be sent to Electrical Shop to be tested and cleaned
-New Battery Cables as well as New Batteries will be Installed
-Radiator Will be Removes Pressure tested and Cleaned
-Brake Service on all Axles of the Truck
-Fresh Water Plastic Tanks will be Removed and Pressure Tested for Leaks
-Hopper Will be Inspected thoroughly and Pressure Tested.
-New Water Wand for Pressure Wash Hose Real will be installed
-Unit will be painted Thouroghly with 2 Coats or Urethan Paint, any rust areas will be treated with U2K Primerl before Paint.